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To enable a single port or multiple prts in the network, use the enable ports command.

enable ports {chassis | chips | ports} [internal | external]

Syntax Description

chassis Specifies the chassis in which to enable the ports.
chips Specifies the chips in which to enable the specified ports.
ports Specifies the ports to enable.
internal (Optional) Enables the specified internal ports only.
external (Optional) Enables the specified external ports only.

Command Default

No default behavior or values.

Usage Guidelines

Only physical switch ports can be enabled. HCA ports cannot be enabled.
For isolated managed nodes, only external ports can be configured, and only for SFS OS switches and OEM switches, not for hosts.


The following example shows enabling port 4, slot 1 in switchA:
  fact> enable ports switchA/1/4
  The following port(s) will be configured:

  Proceed with port configuration [Y/n]? y
  Enabling port switchA/1/4

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