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The Cisco Fabric Analysis and Correlation Toolkit (FACT) is a software application that aids in bringing up and debugging InfiniBand networks. FACT analyzes hardware objects and identifies components in the fabric that need attention, such as faulty cables, loose cables, faulty HCAs, and faulty switches and switching modules. FACT also analyzes InfiniBand networks at a high level to detect errors in the fabric by building coherent models of the relationships between InfiniBand objects (nodes, ports, GUIDs, and LIDs) and physical objects (chassis, cards, and ports).

FACT collects and reports the network topology and connectivity at the level of a simple subnet, monitors the logs on Cisco Server Fabric Switches, and summarizes and annotates the most important information therein. FACT maintains a historical view of a subnet and can show how the topology changes over time.

FACT also does the following:

  • Provides tools to explore the relationships between InfiniBand objects and physical objects
  • Enables you to annotate logs, especially Subnet Manager logs, turning each GUID into a meaningful location in a chassis
  • Collects InfiniBand port counters and displays them, also with meaningful locations
  • Updates firmware over a number of switches
  • Enables and disables ports
  • Sets port speed and width

This toolkit aids system administrators in managing and deploying a new IB fabric. FACT provides an abstraction layer across the Cisco IB switching family.

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