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Cisco Extended Care

Cisco Extended Care is more than a telehealth solution. It is a healthcare collaboration platform that:

  • Unifies infrastructure components and devices
  • Simplifies workflows
  • Provides high-quality, interactive visual communications

In the process, it changes the doctor-patient experience.

Extended Care is a solution rather than a video endpoint. It eliminates disjointed platforms and the cobbling together of code with questionable levels of reliability, security, and scalability. And it is an electronic medical record (EMR)-, video endpoints, and application-agnostic. Organizations can use their existing Cisco video devices or the options built into their provider portals and apps.

With Cisco Extended Care, you can have both scheduled and unscheduled appointments. You can offer everything from scheduled follow-up care and specialist consultations to non-emergency, drop-in visits, helping reduce Emergency Room overcrowding and overutilization. The opportunities to extend and expand quality care are unlimited.

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