Enabling SSO mode failed for components

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Enabling SSO mode failed for components

Problem Summary Administrator is unable to enable SSO mode for the SSO components UCCX,CUIC and finesse on the appadmin UI page System -> Single Sign-on (SSO)
Error Message Error occurred while enabling SSO. Try Enable again or check the logs for more details.
Possible Cause Respective SSO component is not up and running on both the nodes of the cluster
Recommended Action

1) Ensure that component’s service is up and running in both the nodes of UCCX cluster

2) Check the MADM logs(/opt/cisco/uccx/log/MADM) if CCX is not onboarded successfully

3) Check the finesse logs (/opt/cisco/desktop/logs/webservices) if finesses is not onboarded

4) Check the cuic logs (/opt/cisco/cuic/logs/cuic) if cuic is not onboarded

Release Release 11.5(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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