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Outstanding TODOs

  • ) SNMP bug
  • ) EIGRP log cleanup
  • ) Check if secondary chunk of EIGRP DOm is being deleted.
  • ) VNC for active bug.

*) "process currently not running" when entering eigrp commands in vsh dupe -- do experiment, email Christian. CLIs killed experiment?

*) Start a thread for update packets in stable setup -- EIGRP issue, need to debug.

*) CSCus77657: eigrp information are not shown up in ibash after reload on N3k -- IfAf primary key caching v/s DomAf ddb primary key caching.

*) EIGRP: walk on ciscoEigrpMIB only returns cEigrpTraffStatsTable -- port that fix

*) Investigate cost-community

*) EIGRP core -- move it to I after some initial core investigation.

*) statistics bug -- move to A and fix the ui.c issue

*) Check on EIGRP MIB definition and BGP MIB definition for correctness.

*) EIGRP dependency on RPM, should we remove? Not doing it now.

*) Fix for error logs to go to error event-history buffer Not doing it now.


1) Interleak fix for parsing BGP ASN from chunk

2) Log changes to dump all relevant things to file

3) SNMP (PRRQ, will do today so we can commit)

4) Back-end changes corresponding to the model change to make ASN part of primary key for inter leak

5) Back-end changes for distribute-list and default-route

6) Defining faults and corresponding back-end changes

7) Ensure event-histories are collected as part of show tech-support for eigrp. Fix issue with CLI parser loading.


1) ibash clis to be put in document -- DONE

2) Ibash clis to be tested

3) Faults (when coding is done)

4) Add/delete VRF/L3out/EIGRP-Dom/Interface testing -- DONE


1) Open bug for ibash cli, assigned to Ram -- DONE

2) Rathi had asked Rathina to check something with Vijay. What was this? - This was regarding the prefix-list to filter all routes other than the default route. -- DONE

3) Close with Rathi if we want to support route-map (with set rules) in default-info originate -- DONE

4) Send email to close on how to support ONLY default-route going to the service-node -- DONE

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