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Problem To be Checked Further Information Recommendation Further Details
Agent stuck on hold/talking while using hard set or Incorrect Call State times when call disconnects while on hold Pease check from the logs the Agent State going for different Line Handles. When a call is put on hold and initiated from Hardset the LineHandle and agent states gets and skillgroup messed up and if effects Reporting and agent states. CSCsi84612 -- Incorrect Call State times when call disconnects while on hold CScsy45787 -- EAPIM sends incorrect SkillGroupNumber when AgentStatupdate sent to OPC CSCsi84612 -- 7.2(7)Es82 CScsy45787 -- 7.2(7)ES32, 7.5(6).
Agent stuck on hold after dailing a invalid number Agent stuck on hold state after they initiate a second call to an invalid number which fails. When they try to retreive the previous call the agent is stuck on hold. Please check the logs and it will be seen with the LineHandle as -1. If the line handle is seen with -1 definitly they are observing this issue. CSCte39007 -- Cisco CAD Issue - Loss of Call Controls CSCte39007 -- 7.5(6) ES49, 7.2(7) ES106, 7.5(9).
Sometimes call context gets dropped for transfer to IVR campaigns. This scenario is specific to Dailier. With the SCCP Dialer, transfer to IVR sometimes drops call context. This results in incorrect data and mishandling of customer calls sent to IVR. With the implemetaion of this we will be treating the single step transfer in accordance to the DNP (Dail Number Implementation). This will be resolving the timming issue which happens b/w route requests and Disconnected events. Check the Route request in Jgw logs it will go with called -1 but in PIM it will be having secondary callid and the CallCtlConnDisconnectedEv will be having Primary callid CSCtd27410 -- Call Context dropped for transfer to IVR campaigns CSCtd27410 -- 7.5(6) ES32, 7.5(8)

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