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Where are the PDF Files ?


The diagram presented in inaccurate.

The one arm configuration was described having the same vlan and therefore it would be the same layer3 addresses, however, from the diagram, it shows 192.x.x.x instead of 172.x.x.x. It would be more educational if the diagram is to be updated to reflect the actual configuration shown.

-- Not sure what diagram you're talking about. Can you please provide a link?Pzimmerm

Navigating through the Presence Deployment Guide

I am having a very difficult time to use the Wiki format- specifically navigating through the Presence (or MPE) Deployment Guides or any other Wiki-style documentation. When using the CUPS Deployment guide it is very difficult to figure out the next step(s), where you've been, etc. I am very frustrated.


There were many changes made to the CUPS guides... much of the content was condensed to make it easier to find info. I will make sure the CUPS team gets your feedback. Pzimmerm

I am also having a very hard time with this wiki format

It really is hard to navigate - it is not as bad if you know exactly what you are looking for, but the old format was much better for browsing, and getting a feel for the big picture, and hitting the parts of the doc that you need.


We are looking into ways to improve the interface. Thanks for your feedback. Pzimmerm

is there no moderation here for comments???

WIKI is unuseable, this was a horible idea!!! at least have a coice for WIKI or downloading the .pdf. How can you use wiki offline???

--This page had been missed... my apologies. It is watched now. The wiki cannot be used offline. Some content is not appropriate for wikis... what content were you trying to use? Pzimmerm

I don't think you're getting the point. The WIKI was and is a bad idea. I understand that producing the PDF's is a pain, as I've received feedback / complaints from Cisco documentation team about how hard it is to use FrameMaker. But, that's part of your job. Provide the documentation in a format that is usable off-line, or you will likely get more complaints. It may be easier for the Cisco documentation team, but it is much harder and unwanted by your users. Freimer

Thanks for your honest assessment. To introduce myself, I'm Jim Fenton, one of the instigators of DocWiki. We hear, loud and clear, that PDF format documentation is important to many of you. We have evaluated several PDF-generation extensions for MediaWiki and, honestly, none of them have been entirely satisfactory.
We want you to understand that making it easier for the Cisco Documentation Team (which I'm not a member of) is not the reason for MediaWiki. We looked at the entire process for updating our documentation, from customer report of a documentation bug to posting of a correction, and decided that it isn't responsive enough to our customers. DocWiki is an attempt to be more responsive and collaborative with our customers, but unfortunately in a few places it breaks the document delivery model that some of those customers are accustomed to. We hope that we'll have a better solution for PDF (or, more generally, offline documentation use) before long. --Fenton 20:05, 6 October 2010 (UTC)

Indeed! DocWiki is unusable!!!!!

How about the idea of FIRST creating MPE 2.0 documentation the old format, BEFORE piece-mealing this wiki doc together. It is void of many key configuration items, difficult to use, etc. I am a reseller and I am SSSSSOOOOOO frustrated trying to do an installtion of MPE 2.0 and using this (quite useless) wiki format. I will now open a TAC case.

'Unified CMBE ordering guide' link is incorrect

'Unified CMBE ordering guide' link is incorrect on the 'Design and Implementation Checklist' under 'Purchasing Information'. I'm searching for the ordering guide now and have not found it. CMBE 6000 - UC on UCS

UPDATE - this appears to be the correct link for the 'Unified CMBE Ordering Guide' -

Correction Needed

I believe this is incorrect:

Configuration Considerations For UCS B-series, Virtual Machines must be stored on and booted from the SAN.

I don't believe boot from SAN is required, as it was only suppored in ESXi 4.1. Can you correct?

Unified Presence Server hardware support needs updating

The section within specific application support that is titled VM-Specific Cisco Unified Presence Hardware Requirements, lists the C210M1 and M2 but not the C200M2, which is listed when you follow the link to supported hardware within the same section.

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