Desktop: Supervisor barge in to conference call fails

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Desktop: Supervisor barge in to conference call fails

Problem Summary A supervisor attempts to barge in to a conference call of an agent the supervisor is silently monitoring and receives an error that states the barge call failed.
Error Message Supervisor barge call failed. Possible causes include barge via an agent who is not the conference controller or agent already has an outstanding consult call.
Possible Cause

Unified CCE allows a barge request only through the conference controller (the agent who initiated the conference call). If the agent is not the conference controller, the barge request fails.

Recommended Action A supervisor cannot barge in on a conference call through an agent who did not initiate the conference call.
Release Release 9.1(1), Release 10.0(1), Release 10.5(1), Release 10.6(1), Release 11.0(1)
Associated CDETS # None.


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