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Database no longer accepts data

Problem Summary

The Cisco MediaSense Enterprise Replication Smart Blob (Binary Large Object) space, referred to as ora_ersb, does not accept any more data.

Error Message

Informix log:

08/27/11 19:20:56  CDR QUEUER: Send Queue space is FULL - waiting for space in CDR_QDATA_SBSPACE
08/27/11 19:21:57  CDR WARNING:RQM sbspace ora_ersb is full, Please add the space. error number = 13

Application log:

java.sql.BatchUpdateException: Long transaction aborted.
Possible Cause

When the primary or secondary server is down, data continues to be written to the other server. Data replication does not happen until the affected server starts running again. Until that point, the data is accumulated in a designated space on the hard disk (in this case, the ora_ersb). When the ora_ersb is full, no more data can be written to the surviving server.

Recommended Action

The only viable action is to bring up the affected node. You could also try to delete some existing data to make room for new data. See the Considerations for Failure Conditions section in the Cisco MediaSense Installation and Administration Guide.

The following two actions will not solve this problem:

  1. Disabling replication: curently, Cisco MediaSense does not have a CLI for this action.
  2. Adding more space to ora_ersb requires root access and Database Administrator privileges.

Release 8.5(3).

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