Could not meet post conditions of call.transfer

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Could not meet post conditions of call.transfer

Problem Summary Even after CiscoTransferEndEv is received for consult transfer to agent, we notice that transfer fails with a JTAPI extension.
Error Message Could not meet post conditions of call.transfer(
Possible Cause Issue in JTAPI/CTI layer.
Recommended Action

    Escalate to IPCBU JTAPI team with all relevant logs.
    5631179: Apr 22 15:32:51.482 GMT+530 %MIVR-SS_TEL-7-UNK:CallID:133 MediaId:3129130/1 Task:29000000558, transfer(7000, consultCall)
    5631569: Apr 22 15:32:51.544 GMT+530 %MIVR-SS_RM-7-UNK:processCiscoTransferEndEv: received CiscoTransferEndEv for Original CallId 19906346[3129130/1]
    5632770: Apr 22 15:33:06.498 GMT+530 %MIVR-SS_TEL-3-CONSULT_FAILED:Consult failed: All Call ids=CallID:133 MediaId:3129130/1 Task:29000000558,Extension=7000, Could not meet post conditions of call.transfer(),Failure reason=transfer gets error CTIERR_UNSPECIFIED=0x0::Unspecified error

Release Release 7.0(1) onwards
Associated CDETS # NA

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