Context Service Registration or STEPS are failing (Timeout Error)

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Context Service Registration (or) STEPS are failing (Timeout Error)

Problem Summary Context Service Registration (or) STEPS are failing (Timeout Error).
Error Message Sample error message in MIVR logs:
 Task: 123456789 failed with exceptionjava.util.concurrent.TimeoutException
 Task: 123456789 failed with exception Reason='Timeout Request'
Possible Cause

Context Service is not responding to the requests sent by CCX.

Recommended Action

Update the Request Timeout parameter under the System Parameters tab in Appadmin for CS.
Update the “requestTimeoutMillis” in contextserviceconfiguration REST api
URI : http://<server>/adminapi/contextserviceconfiguration
Timeout = 2 * RequestTimeout (ie it will be retried once after 1 try)

Release Release 11.5(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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