Context Service: Registration Fails

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Context Service: Registration Fails

Problem Summary An attempt to register to Context Service fails.
Error Message

Error occurred

  • Failed to register with the Context Service because of a connection error. Verify that the server has internet access and/or the proxy server URL is correct.
Possible Cause

Possible causes include

  • No connection to the internet
  • The proxy server is not configured correctly
Recommended Action

Check the Context Service SDK logs for more details. Context Service logs can be found at C:\icm\tomcat\logs\ContextService.*.log on the Side A AW-HDS-DDS.

For example, the following logs are from a registration failure where the wrong port was specified in the proxy server URL:

0000000062: *.*.*.*: Aug 12 2016 16:41:44.710 -0400: %CCBU_http-bio- %[ip.orig=][method_name=PUT][parameter_name={ async=[true] }][port.orig=56376][protocol=HTTP/1.1][resource_name=/contextserviceregistration][usr=boston@BOSTON.COM]: Request start
0000000155: *.*.*.*: Aug 12 2016 16:41:44.918 -0400: %CCBU_163-CONTEXTSERVICEREGISTRATION-UPDATE-6-REST_API_INFO: Initializing the Context Service management connector
0000000170: *.*.*.*: Aug 12 2016 16:41:50.441 -0400: %CCBU_163-CONTEXTSERVICEREGISTRATION-UPDATE-6-REST_API_INFO: Context Service client status: Version: 2.0.1-10131 State: UNREGISTERED Org: *-*-*-*-* User: fusion-mgmnt-*-*-*-*-* App Type: cce Cluster ID / Name: *-*-*-*-*,cce-context-*
0000000171: *.*.*.*: Aug 12 2016 16:41:50.573 -0400: %CCBU_http-bio- %[ Error connecting to the Context Service.][message_string=uncaught exception thrown by the api]: The REST API has caught an exception

Release 11.5(1)
Associated CDETS # None

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