Context Service: Pod Operation

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Context Service: Pod Operation

Problem Summary POD operation failure
Error Message

Exception related to POD operation failure

Possible Cause Deployment failure, Dynamic jar download failure, Context Service client initialisation failure or incorrect connection data.
Recommended Action • Check if the Deployment of Context Service related data from OAMP to VXML server is successful from the Deployment Status button in OAMP.
    • If deployment is failed, in OAMP, go to Device Management > Unified CVP VXML Server > Select the failed VXML server and click Save & Deploy.
    • Ensure VXML Server status is UP
• Check the dynamic downloading of Context Service extension jar is successful in the path “CVP_HOME\VXMLServer\Tomcat\webapps\CVP\
    • Check the network connectivity.
    • Ensure all the proxy is up and running If proxy is used.
• Ensure Context Service client initialisation is successful.
    • Restart the VXML Server service.
• Verify the customer ID is valid and exists.
    • Create valid customers.
• Verify VXML logs, application activity and error logs for any exceptions.
Release Release 11.5(1)
Associated CDETS # NA

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