Configuration: Modifying Script does not change CMT Dialog Group

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Modifying Script does not change CMT Dialog Group

Problem Summary Changing the script name of an existing application does not disassociate or associate the Dialog group of its existing trigger.

For example, create an Application X with script SSCRIPT[SelfService.aef] or SSCRIPT[Comprehensive.aef], and create a trigger under application X. By default, the trigger will be associated with the MRCP Dialog Group. Now, if you change the existing script to SSCRIPT[Ringtone.aef] or SSCRIPT[Error.aef], then the Dialog group of the trigger will remain associated with the default CMT Dialog Group.
Error Message None
Possible Cause Desired behavior
Recommended Action Manually change the Dialog Group of the existing trigger or delete the trigger and create a new trigger.
Release Release 11.0(1)
Associated CDETS # NA

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