Configuration: Creating CUIC Database Failed

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Configuration: Creating CUIC Database Failed

Problem Summary Failed to create the CUIC database
Error Message Not applicable.
Possible Cause The SQL script did not auto run or the database was not created for some other reason.
Recommended Action If you see this message, look at the CuisConfigTool.Log file and make every effort to resolve the error based on the information in that file.

Only if it is not possible to resolve the matter from information in the CuisConfigTool log, you can manually run the SQL script as follows:

1. Open MS SQL Server. Make sure you are connected as a user who has administrative rights in the SQL Server and on the master database.

2. Open a New Query window.

3. Copy and paste the contents of the following file into the query window:<CUIS_HOME>\CuisSqlScripts\CUIC\CUIC_DB_INSTALL.SQL.

4. Do a search-and-replace on the text that was pasted from the file. Search for cuic_data,and replace with cuic_data_<ip or hostname of CUIC web server>.

5. Execute the query.

6. Open Object Explorer > Databases to verify that the database was created.

Releases Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS # None

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