Configuration: Configuring the CUIC Scheduler Service Failed

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Configuration: Configuring the CUIC Scheduler Service Failed

Problem Summary Configuring the CUIC Scheduler Service Fails
Error Message Configuring the CUIC Scheduler Service Failed
Possible Cause The CUIC Scheduler Service is not auto-configured
Recommended Action If you see this message, look at the CuisConfigTool.Log file and make every effort to resolvethe error based on the information in that file.

Only if it is not possible to resolve the matter from information in the CuisConfigTool log, configure the Scheduler as follows:

1. Open a command windows.

2. Go to the directory <CUIS_HOME>\CuisScheduler.

3. Run the following command: installutil CuisScheduler.exe

4. From Windows Administrative Tools > Services, ensure that this service is set to startup automatically.

5. Set the configuration file. To do this, locate the CuisScheduler.exe.config file. It is in the same directory as the Schedulerservice executable.

6. Replace its contents with the contents of the web.config file located in <CUIS_HOME>\CuisWeb.

7. Change the credentials under which the scheduler service runs.

8. Locate the CUIS Scheduler Service in the Services control panel.

9. Right-click the Service and select Properties.

10. In the LogOn tab, enter information so that the CUIS Scheduler Service runs with the credentials of the Unified IC internal user.

11. Start the Scheduler service.

Releases Release 7.5(x)
Associated CDETS # None

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