Component activation failed during cluster setup

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Component Activation failed due to Historical data store not getting activated during Add to cluster

Problem Summary Add to cluster is failing because historical data store is not activated . HDS is not activated because config data store is not activated. CDS is not activated because request to activate it is not sent. Req to activate CDS is not sent because license check did not return CDS to be displayed.
Error Message  %MADM-ADM_CFG-7-UNK:serversetup_component_activation.jsp : Number of Components present in the Node :: 4

The List after license check has only 4 components namely Cisco Unified CCX Agent Datastore , Cisco Unified CCX Engine, Cisco Unified CCX Historical Datastore ,Cisco Unified CCX Node Manager.

Possible Cause License table generation is not complete and add to cluster operation gives success reponse.
Recommended Action

Wait for 10 mins and start a new session of Appadmin and perform Appadmin setup one more time.

Release Release 8.0(1)
Associated CDETS # CSCtf56320

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