Collect Traces for SIP (Castellano IOS) Gateway

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Problem Summary Collect Traces for SIP (Castellano IOS) Gateway
Error Message NA
Possible Cause NA.
Recommended Action To collect logs for SIP Gateway, follow the steps mentioned below :

1. set logging to the buffer:

no logging console debug

logging buffer debug

logg buffer 500000

2. Choose what info you need to log. Probably, most often you need:

debug ccsip error

debug ccsip messages

3. When you are ready to collect the trace, do:

clear logging

4. To copy traces as a file,

show logg | redirect t

Here is the IP address of your tftp server. We can do the #1 only once, and save it into startup.config. We need to do #2 after every reboot of the gateway. We need to do #3 and #4 every time.

Release Release 8.5(1)
Associated CDETS # NA

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