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This section describes the use of the CUE PI service for various configuration operations. The operations are grouped together into functional components (for example, user and group management, mailbox configuration, system configuration, and so on). Schema level details, resource URI, and supported operations are described for each functional component.

Some important conventions followed in this section:

  • The MIME type for all calls (set through HTTP headers "Accept" and "Content-type") must be set as "application/xml". Exceptions to this rule are noted explicitly wherever required.
  • Examples use "curl" command line utility in Linux environment. In the examples, ellipses (...) are used to indicate the truncation of long command outputs. All examples use the following data: CUE host IP address as "", authorization string "Y2lzY286Y2lzY28=". For trying these examples, the reader must replace these values specific to their setup.
  • In this section, the terms "class" and "XML complex type" are used interchangeably. Similarly, XML instance documents of a given XML complex type are referred as "objects".

Rest PI section contains the following operations:

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