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System Configuration API

There is no symmetry between the administrator CUPI URI's for configuration values and the end user access to configuration values. Anything that an end user needs to have read access to has its own URI that an end user can get to. End users cannot get to configuration values directly; for example, they cannot use the /vmrest/configurationvalue URI. If they attempt to use it, they get access denied. A client using an end user's credentials may need to know some information about the system. Currently the information involves two configuration values that an administrator can set:

  • System.Messaging.CumiAccessSecureMessageAttachments
  • System.Messaging.CumiAllowSecureMessageHeaders

Both settings need to be exposed to end users, but end users cannot access configuration values directly. To resolve this issue, we created a way to expose some system values an end user client may need to see using the following URI. Listing System Configuration

GET http://<connection-server>/vmrest/systemconfiguration 

The following is the response from the *GET* request and the actual response will depend upon the information given by you:

Response Code: 200

JSON Example

GET https://<connection-server>/vmrest/systemconfiguration
Accept: application/json
Content-type: application/json
Connection: keep-alive 

The following is the response from the *GET* request and the actual response will depend upon the information given by you:

  "SecureMessageHeaders": "true",
  "SecureMessageAttachmentDownload": "false",
  "RecordingMaxLength": "1200000",
  "DisableCopyVoiceMessage": "false",
  "ConfirmDeleteMessage": "1"

This URI can be accessed by any authenticated user, including an end user.

Explanation of Data Fields

Parameter Operations Data Type Comments
SecureMessageHeaders Boolean Read/Write Flag indicating message has secure headers or not.

Possible values:

  • true
  • false

Default value:true

SecureMessageAttachmentDownload Boolean Read/Write Flag indicating whether to have secured download of message attachment or not

Possible value:

  • true
  • false

Default value:

  • true
RecordingMaxLength Integer Read/Write It specifies maximum length of recording of message.

Possible values: 0-3600000 Default value:1200000

DisableCopyVoiceMessage Boolean Read/Write Flag indicating to copy voce message or not

Possible values:

  • true
  • false
ConfirmDeleteMessage Integer Read/Write Possible values:0-2

Default value:1

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