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About Private Lists

A user can view, modify, create, and delete their own private lists. End users have access only to the ObjectId, DisplayName, NumericId, and VoiceName fields of a private list.

Below are the various private list URIs that a user has access to.

GET /vmrest/user/privatelists
GET /vmrest/user/privatelists/<private list object id>
PUT /vmrest/user/privatelists/<private list object id>
POST /vmrest/user/privatelists
DELETE /vmrest/user/privatelists/<private list object id>

Voice Names

A PUT to the URI below, where the HTTP content type is "audio/wav" and the payload content is the audio data, will add the audio as a voice name to the private list:

PUT /vmrest/user/privatelists/<private list object id>/voicename

The voice name can always be retrieved through the URI below. It will return the audio of the voice name as an "audio/wav" media type.

GET /vmrest/user/privatelists/<private list object id>/voicename

For additional details about private lists, see CUPI Private Lists.

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