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This command displays process and load information.

Command Syntax

show process

load [cont] [clear] [noidle] [num xx] [thread] [cpu] [memory] [time] [specified] [page]
list [page] [short] [detail] [thread] [fd] [cont] [clear] [process id id] [argument id id] [owner name name]

  • load displays the CPU load for each active process.
  • list displays all processes.

  • cont-Command repeats continuously
  • clear-Clears screen before displaying output
  • noidle-Ignore idle or zombie processes
  • num xx-Sets the number of processes to display (Default=10, all = all processes)
  • thread-Displays threads
  • cpu-Displays output by CPU usage
  • memory-Sorts output by memory usage
  • short-Displays short listing
  • time-Sorts output by time usage
  • page-Displays one page at a time
  • detail-Displays a detailed listing
  • process id id-Shows only specific process number or command name
  • argument name name-Show only specific process with argument name
  • thread-Include thread processes in the listing
  • fd-Show file descriptors that are associated with a process


Command privilege level: 1

Allowed during upgrade: Yes


This example shows detailed process listing one page at a time.

show process list detail page

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