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This command displays network information.

Command Syntax

show network

eth0 [detail]
failover [detail] [page]
route [detail]
status [detail] [listen] [process] [all] [nodns] [search stext]
dhcp eth0 status
all [detail]
ipprefs all
ipprefs enabled
ipprefs public
  • cluster displays a list of the nodes in the network cluster.
  • eth0 specifies Ethernet 0.
  • failover specifies Network Fault Tolerance information.
  • route specifies network routing information.
  • status specifies active Internet connections.
  • ipprefs specifies the port usage information.
  • ip_conntrack specifies ip_conntrack usage information.
  • max_ip_conntrack specifies max_ip_conntrack information.
  • dhcp eth0 status displays DHCP status information.
  • all specifies all basic network information.
  • ipprefs all displays all incoming ports that may be used on Cisco Unified Presence.
  • ipprefs enabled displays all incoming ports that are currently open.
  • ipprefs public displays all incoming ports that are currently open for any remote client.
  • detail-Displays additional information.
  • page-Displays information 1 page at a time.
  • listen-Displays only listening sockets
  • process-Displays the process ID and name of the program to which each socket belongs.
  • all-Displays both listening and nonlistening sockets.
  • nodns-Displays numerical addresses without any DNS information.
  • search stext-Searches for the stext in the output.
Usage Guidelines

The eth0 parameter displays Ethernet port 0 settings, including DHCP and DNS configurations and options.


Command privilege level: 0

Allowed during upgrade: Yes


This example displays active Internet connections.

show network status

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