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This command configures the specified Ethernet port with a static IP address.

Command Syntax

set network restore eth0 ip-address network-mask gateway

  • ethernet-port specifies the Ethernet port, for example eth0 (mandatory).
  • ip-address specifies the IP address of the host (mandatory).
  • network-mask specifies the network mask(mandatory).
  • gateway specifies the gateway IP address (mandatory).

Note: The IP address must be a valid IP address to be assigned to this server.

Usage Guidelines

Only use this command when all other CLI 'set network ...' commands have failed to restore network connectivity to an Ethernet port. This command wipes out all previous Ethernet and Network Fault Tolerance settings. After running this command, you must reconfigure the original Ethernet port settings using the applicable 'set network' command.


set network restore eth0


Command privilege level: 1

Allowed during upgrade: No

Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)

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