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This command displays the contents of a file.

Command Syntax

file view

activelog directory/filename
inactivelog directory/filename
install directory/filename

  • activelog specifies a log on the active side.
  • inactivelog specifies a log on the inactive side.
  • install specifies an installation log.
  • directory/filename specifies the path to the file that you want to view. You can use the wildcard character, *, for filename as long as it resolves to one file.

Usage Guidelines

Caution! Do not use this command to view binary files because this can corrupt the terminal session.


Command privilege level: 0

Allowed during upgrade: Yes


This example displays the install log.

file view install install.log

This example displays a particular CDR file.

file view activelog /cm/cdr_repository/processed/20058012/{filename}

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