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This command lists the log files in an available log directory.

Command Syntax

file list

activelog directory [page] [detail] [reverse] [date | size]
inactivelog directory [page] [detail] [reverse] [date | size]
install directory [page] [detail] [reverse] [date | size]

  • activelog specifies a log on the active side.
  • inactivelog specifies a log on the inactive side.
  • install specifies an installation log.
  • directory specifies the path to the directory to list. You can use a wildcard character, *, for directory as long as it resolves to one directory.

  • detail-Long listing with date and time
  • date-Sort by date
  • size-Sort by file size
  • reverse-Reverse sort direction
  • page-Displays the output one screen at a time


Command privilege level: 1 for logs

Allowed during upgrade: Yes


This example lists operating system log files with details.

file list activelog platform/log page detail

This example lists directories in CDR repository.

file list activelog cm/cdr_repository

This example lists CDR files in a specified directory by size.

file list activelog cm/cdr_repository/processed/20050812 size

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