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This command sends the file to another system by using SFTP.

Command Syntax

file get

activelog directory/filename [reltime] [abstime] [match] [recurs]
inactivelog directory/filename [reltime] [abstime] [match] [recurs]
install directory/filename [reltime] [abstime] [match] [recurs]

  • activelog specifies a log on the active side.
  • inactivelog specifies a log on the inactive side.
  • install specifies an installation log.
  • directory/filename specifies the path to the file(s) to delete. You can use the wildcard character, *, for filename as long as it resolves to one file.

  • abstime-Absolute time period, specified as hh:mm:MM/DD/YY hh:mm:MM/DD/YY
  • reltime-Relative time period, specified as minutes | hours | days | weeks | months value
  • match-Match a particular string in the filename, specified as string value
  • recurs-Get all files, including subdirectories

Usage Guidelines

After the command identifies the specified files, you get prompted to enter an SFTP host, username, and password.


Command privilege level: 0

Allowed during upgrade: Yes


This command retrieves all files in the activelog operating system directory that match the string "plat".

file get activelog platform match plat

This command retrieves all operating system log files for a particular time period.

file get activelog platform/log abstime 18:00:9/27/2005 18:00:9/28/2005

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