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Note: This topic is only applicable if you are configuring the Cisco Unified Presence publisher node. You only need to upload the Cisco Unified Presence server license file on the publisher node of a Cisco Unified Presence cluster. The license file contains the number of Cisco Unified Presence servers in a cluster that are licensed to the customer.

Before You Begin

Upload the Cisco Unified Presence user licenses on Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and assign Cisco Unified Presence capabilities to these users.


License files must have a .lic suffix.

  1. Select Cisco Unified Presence Administration > System > Licensing > License File Upload.
  2. Select Upload License File.
  3. Locate the file on your local computer.
  4. Select Upload.

Troubleshooting Tips
  • The license file is uploaded into the database only if the version that is specified in the license file is greater than or equal to the Cisco Unified Presence version that is running in the cluster. If the version check fails, an alarm is generated, and you should get a new license file with the correct version. The system bases the version check only on major releases.
  • Verify that the license file has uploaded correctly by confirming the license file is listed in the existing licenses menu on the License File Upload screen. Select the license file in the existing license file menu, and select View File.

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