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Before You Begin

Ensure that you have installed the VMWare player and have configured your network connections.

  1. Insert the Cisco Unified Presence SDK DVD into the drive.
  2. When Windows Explorer displays the contents of the DVD, locate this executable file and run the self-extracting installer: CUP_Virtual_Appliance.exe.
  3. Perform one of the following actions to start the VMWare Player:
    1. Select the desktop icon.
    2. Select Start > Programs > VMware.
  4. Complete the following actions:
    1. Navigate to the location where you extracted the files.
    2. Locate the file with the extension .vmx, and open it.
    Note: If you see a [FAILED] status, ignore it. As the VMWare Player loads the virtual image file, status messages display for which you do not need to take any action.
  5. Click Continue when the Pre-existing Configuration Information window displays.
  6. Click Proceed when the Platform Installation Wizard displays.
  7. Click No in the Apply Additional Release window to install the software on the DVD without upgrading.
  8. Click Continue in the Basic Install Window.

Troubleshooting Tips

While performing these steps, use the following key combinations to interact with the VMWare Player:

  • CTRL-G-Shifts the focus inside the VMWare Player window.
  • CTRL-ALT-Shifts the focus outside the VMWare Player window.

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