Cisco Unified Presence, Release 7.x -- Issue with Deskphone Control and/or Contact Search

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Issue with Deskphone Control and/or Contact Search

Release: Cisco Unified Presence 7.x


There are two possible situations that this applies to:

1) CUPC deskphone control is not working. Show server health shows the status of "Not Connected - Stopped"

2) Searching in CUPC is not returning all results.


When you have a large user base and the LDAP server does not respond in a timely manner to queries from Cisco Unified Presence.


You can use either of these workarounds:

1) Index the telephoneNumber field on the LDAP server.

2) If you are using Windows Active Directory, use the Global Catalog port 3268 instead of the standard LDAP port of 389.

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