Cisco Unified Presence, Release 7.x -- Configuring the Disaster Recovery System for Cisco Unified Presence Release 7.x

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The Disaster Recovery System, which can be invoked from Cisco Unified Presence Administration, provides full data backup and restoration capabilities for all servers in a Cisco Unified Presence cluster.

The Disaster Recovery System allows you to perform regularly scheduled automatic or user-invoked data backups.

The Disaster Recovery System includes the following capabilities:

  • A user interface for performing backup and restore tasks. You can back up and restore Cisco Unified Presence and the database.
  • A distributed system architecture for performing backup and restore functions. The Disaster Recovery System contains two key functions, Master Agent (MA) and Local Agent (LA). The Master Agent coordinates backup and restore activity with all the Local Agents.
  • Scheduled backups.
  • Archive backups to a physical tape drive or remote SFTP server.

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