Cisco Unified Presence, Release 7.x -- Configuring Users for Point-to-Point Video Calls and for Multipoint Video Conferencing

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1. (For point-to-point video calls) Configure users for softphone use.

2. (For multipoint video conferencing) If you want Cisco Unified Personal Communicator softphone users to have merged conference calls (three or more parties) with audio and video support, you must first configure video conferencing resources.

3. Distribute video telephony (VT) cameras supported for use with Cisco Unified Personal Communicator.

The camera driver installer is not provided with Cisco VT cameras. You must distribute the installer.
  • For new installations:
    • If users are to perform the installation, distribute the camera, the camera driver installer, and the user guide.
    • If users already have a supported camera, do not distribute the driver.

4. Provide users with the appropriate documentation to complete the installation.

Related Topics
  • For details about supported cameras, see the Cisco Unified Personal Communicatorrelease notes:
  • Provide users with this documentation:
  • User Guide for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator
  • Cisco VT Camera Quick Start Guide (for use with Windows-based computers)
  • Third-party USB video cameras-provide the documentation from the manufacturer
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