Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express, Release 2.x -- Using the Command-Line Interface (CLI) in Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express

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The Command-Line Interface (CLI) is used to run commands that perform functions that cannot be performed in the Administration Center. You can log into the CLI as one of the following users:

  • root user. Has the highest authority. To get to the root user level, log in as the mpxadmin user and enter su at the command line.
  • mpxadmin user. Should be used whenever possible.

Caution! For security reasons, we do not recommend logging in directly as the root user. In the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express environment, we recommend that you only log in as the root user if you need to reset the root user or mpxadmin user passwords, if you need to run the infocap report, or if you need to uninstall the system.

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