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This page is used to add an SNMP notification destination to the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express database.

Table: Fields on the Add SNMP Notification Destination Page
Field Description Values

Destination IP addresses

The IP address for this notification destination. Select Add New from the drop-down list and the system automatically displays the Destination IP address and Port number fields.

Note: Each notification destination must have a unique IP address.

All IP addresses that have already been defined.

Destination IP address

The IP address for this notification destination.

A valid IP address

Port number

The port number for this IP address.

A valid port number

SNMP version

The SNMP version that this notification destination uses.


Notification type

The notification type for this notification destination.

Note: This field is dimmed if you selected SNMP version 1. SNMP version 1 only supports traps.


Security level

(Read only) The security level for this notification destination.


Community string

The name of the SNMP community string associated with this notification destination.

A community string that has already been defined.

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