Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express, Release 2.x -- Configuring E-Mail Notifications for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express

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Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express generates e-mail notifications and sends them to the meeting scheduler and invitees whenever the following events occur:

  • A meeting is scheduled
  • A meeting is rescheduled
  • One occurrence of a meeting is rescheduled or cancelled
  • All or this and future occurrences of a recurring meeting are rescheduled or cancelled

Note: The system only sends updated e-mail notifications if you change the meeting using the same interface with which you originally scheduled the meeting. For example, if you originally scheduled a meeting using the end-user web interface, and then update the meeting using the end-user web interface, the system sends out an updated e-mail notification. However, if you originally schedule the meeting using the end-user web interface and then reschedule it using the Microsoft Outlook plug-in, or vice versa, the system does not generate an updated e-mail notification.

For Release 2.1.x only: If you reschedule a recurring meeting to a different day (for example, changing a weekly meeting from every Wednesday to every Friday) the system first sends an e-mail notification cancelling the original meeting and then sends an e-mail notification scheduling the new meeting.

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