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Table: System Administrator's Schedule summarizes typical system administrator tasks and the frequency and regularity with which you should perform them.

Table: System Administrator's Schedule
Tasks For more information, see

Once (after installation)

Coordinate a strategy for adding user profiles.

Configuring User Profiles and User Groups for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express

Train employees who will support end users.


Define processes for handling Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express alarms.

Configuring the System to Call You if There is a Major Alarm

Determine system usage and capacity requirements.

Installing and Managing Licenses on the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express System

Configure the appropriate security features.

Configuring Security Features for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express


Print or save the list of next week's meetings.


Run a system backup.

Configuring Backups


Run reports to monitor resource usage and end-user activity, to gather billing information, and to watch for toll fraud.

Running Reports and Exporting Data from Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express

Perform internal billing tasks.

Running a Report about Billing

When new people or teams join your company

Add new user profiles and user groups to the directory used for authentication, whether it is the local Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express database or an external directory such as Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

Distribute Adobe Flash Player software to user workstations that cannot access


Distribute Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express end-user documentation.

Finding the Latest Updates to This Documentation

When people leave your company

Deactivate or delete user profiles or user groups from Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express.

As needed

Respond to alarm conditions.


Coordinate planned outages (such as relocations and software upgrades).


Act as the contact to Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) or Cisco Network Consulting Engineering (NCE).


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