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Checking the System Status, Alarms, and Logs

  1. Log in to the Administration Center.
  2. Check the system status:
    1. Click Services > System Status.
    2. Click View Status.
    3. Verify that the following text appears in the output:
      System mode: Up
      Media control: Up
    4. Verify that none of the modules show DOWN status.
    5. If the system status details indicate an unexpected DOWN state, check the alarm table or the exception Log to see why the module or system is down, and resolve the issue.
  3. Check the alarm table:
    1. Click Services > Alarms.
    2. If the alarm table displays a relevant alarm entry, check the exception log for actual relevance to and details for the failed call.
      Checking the exception log is recommended because the alarm table combines multiple alarm occurrences into a single table entry.
  4. Check the system logs:
    1. Click Services > Logs > View System Logs.
    2. Set the parameters according to your needs.
      For example, you may want to first limit the displayed output to major log entries for the day when the issues occurred.
    3. Click View Logs.
    4. Repeat Step 4 as needed.
    For example, if the output does not include any relevant issues, then expand the output to include lower severity levels.
    If you see relevant log entries for specific module numbers, you can narrow the log output to issues for a specific module.

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Checking that Video Blades are Associated with Audio Blades in the Media Server

  1. Log in to the Administration Center.
  2. Click Media Server Administration.
  3. Log in to the Media Server Administration.
  4. Click Resource Management > MCU in the sidebar.
  5. Click the name of an audio blade (MCU) entry.
  6. Click Go TO MCU...
    The Media Server Administrator (MSA) appears in a new browser window.
  7. If prompted, log in to the MSA.
  8. Click MCU in the sidebar.
  9. Click the Media Processing tab.
  10. Verify that the correct video blades (EMPs) are listed with the audio blade (MCU).
    If a video blade is unexpectedly associated (or not associated) with the audio blade, then correct the configuration of the audio and video blades. See Configuring the Audio and Video Blades.
  11. Return to the Media Server Administration, which is in a different browser window from the Media Server Administrator (MSA).
  12. Click Resource Management > MCU in the sidebar.
  13. Repeat Step 5 through Step 12 for each audio blade (MCU) in the Media Server.

Checking Video Licenses

  1. Log in to the Administration Center.
  2. Click Maintenance > Licenses > Licenses Summary.
  3. Verify that the correct video licenses are installed and enabled on your system.
  4. If necessary, reinstall licenses.

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