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Storage space is required on the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Web Server for storing converted meeting recordings and data attachments. It is important to plan for the system demand (disk space) that this kind of storage will require through proper configuration and management.

By default, the Web Server stores all recordings and attachments for meetings held on the server on a local disk. You can change the storage configuration to copy these items to an external backup location (such as a shared network drive on a dedicated storage server, a network-attached storage device, or a storage area network).

Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Web Conferencing checks for available disk space at regular five minute intervals. When the free disk space hits the 20% mark, a minor alarm is sent to the Application Server. When the free disk space hits five percent, a major alarm is sent to the Application Server but the system will not automatically shut down the Web Server. If you attempt to restart the Web Server for any reason when the disk space is less than five percent the Web Server will refuse to start up.

Caution! If you see a minor alarm for a disk space issue on the Web Server in the alarm table, the disk space identified in the alarm table only reflects the first event. The disk space could be better or worse if the alarm table has received more than one of these alarms. Therefore you should take measures to deal with the disk space issue to prevent any potential failure of the Web Server.

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