Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Release 7.0 -- Restrictions for Application Server Failover

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  • Directory Service between two Application Servers is not supported in a failover deployment.
  • Only the database and Apache Tomcat processes run on a standby server, which you will notice if you enter the mpx_sys status command on the standby server.
  • Do not leave a standby server out of production for a long time, as that can cause the primary server to fail. If the standby server must be brought down for days or weeks at a time, disable replication during this time.
  • To use Single Sign On (SSO) authentication with Microsoft Outlook in a failover environment, you must install SSL on both the active server and the standby server.
  • If you are using SSL on your system, you must manually transfer all files in the following directories from the active server to the standby server:
    • /usr/local/enrollment (for Application Server SSL and single sign-on authentication for users who schedule meetings from Microsoft Outlook)
    • /opt/cisco/meetingplace/web/current/etc/conf/ (for Cisco WebEx integration)

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