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Problem: An Ethernet port is misconfigured. Symptoms include the following:

  • Lost audio or video on a call
  • Dropped calls
  • Intermittent or no response to ping
  • On an Audio Blade or Video Blade, intermittent failure to log in using Telnet or web interface
  • On the Application Server, intermittent failure to access the command line using SSH, or the administration web interface
  • The following alarms:
    180825 MCU blade is DOWN
    180826 EMP blade is DOWN
    180812 System has no audio capacity
    180813 System has no video capacity
    180810 System audio capacity is N ports; licensed for N
    180811 System video capacity is N ports; licensed for N

Solution: Change the address settings by following the procedure in Changing Address Settings.

Solution: Use the modifyTargetDevice command on the console of the blade to change the connection settings to match with that of the switch. See Setting Initial Values for the Media Server for information about using this command.

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