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Reserve All Ports Meetings

When you need to schedule time to perform upgrades or other maintenance activities to the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace system, schedule a Reserve All Ports meeting. When you schedule a Reserve All Ports meeting, the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace system performs the following actions:

  • Reserves all available ports, or the maximum number of user licenses available in the system
  • Blocks out all new callers for the duration of the scheduled meeting
  • Prohibits the extension of in-session meetings that began before the Reserve All Ports meeting begins

Reserve All Ports meetings are scheduled, private meetings. The meeting attributes are the same as for scheduled meetings, with the exceptions described in the following table.

Attribute Value



Number of calling sites


Record meeting?


Meeting name


Meeting type

All Speaker

Scheduling a Maintenance Window

Caution! As a system administrator, it is your responsibility to ensure that no regular meetings are scheduled before scheduling a Reserve All Ports meeting.

Caution! Reserve All Ports meetings prevent the system from scheduling any meetings. Also, during a Reserve All Ports meeting, no prompts are played to alert users to the situation. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that you schedule Reserve All Ports meetings during the lowest usage times. In addition, be sure to cancel any Reserve All Ports meetings that you later determine you do not need.

Before You Begin

Remember the following information:

  • You cannot extend a scheduled Reserve All Ports meeting, but you can reschedule the meeting.
  • Only one Reserve All Ports meeting can be scheduled at a time (one Reserve All Ports meeting must be finished or deleted before another can be scheduled).
  • If a Reserve All Ports meeting overlaps another scheduled meeting that is then canceled, the Reserve All Ports meeting reserves the ports released by the other meeting.
  • Scheduled Reserve All Ports meetings appear in the server exception log, and any changes to a meeting (such as deleting or rescheduling) are shown in the log.
  • If callers dial in to the server while a Reserve All Ports meeting is in session (and all ports are reserved), they hear nothing (silence).
  • The meeting ID for a Reserve All Ports meeting cannot be changed.

  1. Sign in to the end-user web interface with an Administrator profile.
  2. Click Schedule Meeting.
  3. Enter your date, time, and duration of your maintenance window.
  4. Click More Options.
  5. Check Reserve all ports meeting.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. Click Schedule.

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