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Difficulty Hearing Participants

Problem: Some voices are very low and no one can hear them.

Solution: Ask the participant to increase the volume on their phone.

Poor Audio Quality While Using Soft Phone Endpoint

Problem: You are attending a web meeting over your computer and a soft phone product, such as Cisco Unified Personal Communicator or Cisco IP Communicator. There is a presentation taking place. The audio is either choppy or garbled.

Possible Cause: The soft phone application, along with the presentation activity, is increasing the CPU usage beyond its 80% usage threshold. The increased latency is resulting in choppy or garbled audio for the presenter and for those participating in the meeting.

Solution: Try the following solutions:

  • Make sure that you are not using any other applications or processes that are network-intensive. For example, do not download video files from the Internet while you are attending a meeting.
  • Click Help > Connection Status to verify that your connection is adequate. If not, try choosing a lower bandwidth.
  • If you are attending through a modem connection, make sure that you are not doing any other activity that uses the available modem bandwidth.
  • If you continue to experience network connection problems, ask a meeting moderator to reduce the speed of the web meeting room connection.

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  • "Changing Your Connection Speed to the Web Meeting Room" in the End User Guide.
  • "Optimizing the Web Meeting Room Bandwidth" in the End User Guide.

Excessive Background Noise

Problem: There is a lot of unwanted noise in the meeting.

Solution: Do the following:

  1. Determine the source of the noise by seeing whose name appears in the Who's Speaking section of the Participant List.
  2. Mute the offending line.

Related Topics
  • "Enabling Private Chat for the Audience" in the End User Guide.

Names Missing from Announcements

Problem: I do not hear the names of some participants when they enter or exit the meeting, even though the announcement options are set to Beep + Name.

Possible Cause: The name of the participant was probably not recorded when the participant logged in to the system. All participants are prompted to record their name when they join a meeting through an audio connection.

Solution: If you require that all participants in the audio portion of your meeting identify themselves by name, tell the participants that they must record their names when they hear the prompt.

Phone Key Commands Do Not Work

Problem: I am trying to use telephone commands, but nothing happens when I press the number buttons.

Solution: The system will not allow you to enter commands from the telephone keypad when information about meetings or participants is visible on the telephone screen. For a workaround, see "Tips for Using Cisco Unified MeetingPlace with Your Cisco Unified IP Phone" in the End User Guide.

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