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Video Camera Does Not Launch

Problem: I am calling through a phone that is connected to my video endpoint, but my video window does not launch.

Possible Cause: Your video endpoint and phone are not configured properly.

Solution: Contact your system administrator to verify your configuration.

Possible Cause: The meeting is not scheduled as a video meeting.

Solution: Do nothing. Video will not launch if the meeting was not scheduled as a video meeting.

Cannot See Image When Using Cisco Unified Video Advantage

Problem: I am using Cisco Unified Video Advantage as my video endpoint. My video window launched, but I cannot see an image.

Possible Cause: You changed the video bit rate on the Cisco Unified Video Advantage console. If the bit rate falls lower than what is supported by the meeting, you will not see video.

Solution: Try the following:

  1. Open your Cisco Unified Video Advantage console.
  2. Choose Settings > Video Quality.
  3. Move the slider up to the minimum bit rate for the meeting.
  4. Close the console.

Time Delay When Switching Between Active Speakers

Problem: I see a delay of a few seconds whenever the video display switches from one active speaker to another.

Solution: Do nothing. This is expected behavior.

Video Meeting Ended Abruptly

Problem: My video meeting suddenly lost all video. We still have audio though.

Possible Cause: Video resources on the system were disabled or removed. As a result, the meeting was de-escalated to a voice meeting.

Solution: If the video resources are reinstated later, you will still not be able to get video on your current meeting, even if new callers come into the existing meeting. However, video will be enabled if a new meeting is started after your current meeting.

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