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Cannot See the Schedule Link

Problem: After entering the URL for my Cisco Unified MeetingPlace server, I see the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace home page but a number of links and button, including Schedule and Find, are missing.

Possible Cause: You are accessing the incorrect URL.

Solution: See Cannot See the Find Link.

Error Message: Schedule Meeting Failed

Problem: When I try to schedule a meeting, I receive this error: "Schedule meeting failed."

Solution: The system was unable to schedule your meeting for the reason indicated on your screen. Use the tips provided to try again to reschedule your meeting. Some common reasons for scheduling failure include:

  • You did not enter all the required information.
  • If you specified a meeting ID, it is not unique for the date, time, and duration for which you are scheduling the meeting. Try changing the meeting ID.
  • There are not enough resources available on the system at the date and time for which you are trying to schedule the meeting. Try choosing a different date or time or entering a smaller number of participants, if possible.

Cannot Schedule Web Meeting

Problem: I am trying to schedule a meeting with both web and audio. When I click Schedule, I get a system message asking if I want to schedule an audio-only meeting.

Possible Cause: Web meetings are dependent on the availability of web licenses. If you try to schedule a meeting when there are not enough web licenses available, the system will give you the option to schedule a meeting with audio only.

Solution: If an audio-only meeting is not suitable, try to change the time or date of your meeting or consider limiting your list of participants.

Error Message: Meeting ID is Unavailable

Problem: I'm trying to schedule a meeting with a certain meeting ID, but I receive an error that the meeting ID is unavailable. I know that there are no other meetings that include that meeting ID at the time I am trying to schedule.

Solution: To allow participants to join a meeting shortly before the meeting officially begins, and to enable a meeting to be extended if necessary, the actual duration that the system reserves for a meeting might exceed the time that the scheduler specifies. Therefore, it might not be possible to schedule two meetings that include the same meeting ID very close together. The system administrator makes the settings that affect this functionality.

No Notifications After Updating Microsoft Outlook-Scheduled Meeting

Problem: I scheduled a meeting using Microsoft Outlook and then modified the meeting using another interface, but none of the invitees received an updated meeting notification.

Solution: When you schedule a meeting using Microsoft Outlook and then modify or delete the meeting using a different interface, such as the web, the system does not send out updated notifications.

Error Message: Different Meeting

Problem: You see the following error message: The meeting being scheduled is different than the one in Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Web Conferencing.

Possible Cause: It is possible that you clicked the Schedule button twice before the system had a chance to respond. This results in a delay between the scheduled meeting and the response.

Solution: Use the Find Meeting tab to see if your meeting was scheduled before attempting to schedule the meeting again.

Error Message: Guest Profile Cannot be Used

Problem: You see the following error message: Guest profile is reserved for system use and cannot be used for current operation.

Possible Cause: Your meeting was scheduled to only allow Cisco Unified MeetingPlace profile users. No guests are allowed.

Solution: Reschedule the meeting allowing guest users.

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