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Recordings for External Cisco WebEx Meetings Do Not Work

Possible Cause: The PIN used by Cisco WebEx to log in to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace meetings for the purpose of recording the meeting has expired. PINs for all Cisco Unified MeetingPlace user accounts expire after 6 months. There is no way to change a user account (even an automated user like "recorder") to not have a PIN that expires.

Solution: Reset the PIN after it expires by completing the following procedure:

  1. Sign in to Cisco Unified Meetingplace as profiled user 0002 (with user name “recorder”).
    The system prompts you to change your PIN.
  2. Change your PIN to something like 87654321.
  3. Use the Change Profile Settings menu to change the PIN back to 12345678.
  4. Verify that you can log in to user 0002’s account by phone with PIN 12345678.
    Recording for external meetings should now work.

Cannot Record Any Cisco WebEx Meetings

Problem: Cannot initiate meeting recordings from any Cisco WebEx web meeting that uses Cisco Unified MeetingPlace audio conferencing.

Solution: Reset the profile number and profile password of the recorder profile.


  1. Schedule a test meeting, specifying Cisco WebEx as the web conference provider.
  2. Join the web meeting.
  3. Click the Info tab in the WebEx Meeting Manager window.
  4. Write down the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace meeting ID.
  5. Log in to the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace CLI.
  6. Enter the following command to troubleshoot calls in real time:
    eventlog -t
  7. From the web meeting, start the meeting recording.
  8. Look for the meeting ID in the log output to see if the following occurs:
    • Cisco Unified MeetingPlace receives a call from the Cisco WebEx NBR.
    • Cisco WebEx NBR joins the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace audio conference.
    If these do not occur, then open a case with Cisco WebEx.

Related Topics

A User Cannot Start Recording a Cisco WebEx Meeting

Problem: Cannot start the Cisco WebEx recorder.

Possible Cause: Insufficient storage space. Check your current storage usage at My WebEx > My Files > My Recording.

Solution: If storage is nearing the limit, either delete unwanted recording files or request additional storage space.

WebEx Meeting Manager: Options for Starting the Meeting Recording are Grayed Out

Problem: The Record this meeting link and the Meeting > Start Recording option are grayed out in the WebEx Meeting Manager window.

Solution: Only the host can initiate the Cisco WebEx Network-Based Recording. The current host must initiate the meeting recording or pass the host role to the meeting participant who wants to record the meeting.

Solution: Contact Cisco TAC for further assistance. The Cisco WebEx site hosting the meeting may not be configured to enable Network-Based Recording.

WebEx Recorder Setup: Cisco WebEx User is Asked Where to Record Meeting

Problem: When a user tries to start recording a meeting, the WebEx Recorder Setup window displays "Where do you want to record this meeting?"

Solution: Network-Based Recording is not the default recorder. When you click Record Meeting from the Cisco WebEx meeting room, make sure that you select Use network-based recording service and check Set as default setting.

WebEx Recorder Setup: Only the "Do Not Record a Teleconference" Option is Available

Problem: When a user tries to start recording a meeting, the WebEx Recorder Setup window offers only one option: "Do not record a teleconference." All other options are grayed out.

Solution: This may be a Sales Center meeting, which is not supported with Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release 7.0 audio conferencing.

Solution: Contact Cisco TAC for further assistance. The Cisco WebEx site hosting the meeting may not be configured to enable Network-Based Recording.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Recordings Contain Music and Voice Prompts

Problem: Cisco WebEx meeting recordings contain waiting room music, voice prompts, and user attendance and departure announcements.

Solution: This is expected behavior. Cisco WebEx NBR does not discriminate what audio it records. Waiting room music will be recorded if Cisco WebEx NBR is the first to join a Cisco Unified MeetingPlace voice meeting or joins before the organizer does.

Cannot Find Cisco WebEx Meeting Recordings

Problem: Cannot find the recorded meeting files.

Solution: Only the meeting owner (host) can access Cisco WebEx meeting recordings, which are accessible from the Cisco WebEx site at My WebEx > Meeting Center > Host a Meeting > My Recorded Meetings.

If other users want to access the meeting recordings, the host must provide either a streaming playback hyperlink or the .arf file for local playback using the Cisco WebEx Network-Based Recording player.

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