Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Release 7.0 -- How to Resolve Problems With Disk Space

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Error Message: Operation Failed

Problem: I see this error message on the Web Server: [1228] Operation Failed. Currently on Web Server X, SQLServer Loadtest, MPServer Y.

I then see this error message in the Eventlog window: The log file for database MPWEB is full. Back up the transaction log for the database to free up some log space.

Possible Cause: It is likely that the SQL database files are too large and that users are unable to sign in to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace on the web.

Solution: Complete the following procedure.

  1. Go to SQL Enterprise Manager.
  2. Select the database Properties page.
  3. Select Options > Auto Shrink.
  4. Set the database recovery model to Simple or perform a backup of the log.

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