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Note: This section deals primarily with problems you may encounter in the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace web meeting room. If you are using the Cisco WebEx integration with WebEx scheduling option, use the help available from within the Cisco WebEx web meeting room or from to find information regarding various Cisco WebEx features and functions.


Clicking Sounds While the Meeting Console Is Loading

Problem: I hear clicking while my meeting console is loading or when a presentation is refreshing.

Possible Cause: The volume on your computer is too high.

Solution: Turn this sound off by adjusting the volume control through your Control Panel.

Meeting Console Disappears

Problem: My meeting console disappeared when I clicked a link in Microsoft Word or Outlook.

Possible Cause: This is probably due to the way you set your browser to reuse windows. Setting your browser to reuse windows replaces the content in your current window with whatever content is invoked by the link.

Solution: Either refrain from clicking links in other applications while you are in a web conference, or set Internet Explorer to not reuse windows. See Setting Internet Explorer to Not Reuse Windows.

Possible Cause: A moderator has used the Web Links tool to push a web page to meeting participants.

Solution: In this case, the meeting console remains open, but another browser window opens in front of it. In this case, minimize or close the new browser window to return to the meeting console.

Setting Internet Explorer to Not Reuse Windows

  1. From your Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced.
  2. Scroll down to the Browsing section.
  3. Click Reuse Windows for Launching Shortcuts to uncheck it.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Click OK.

Permissions Are Incorrect

Problem: I am a profiled user but I enter the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace web meeting room with only Presenter permissions. I expected to have Moderator permissions.

Solution: Make sure that you logged in as a profiled user. If you enter as a guest user, you will have only Presenter permissions.

No Presenter Permissions

Problem: I am supposed to be a presenter, but I logged in to the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace web meeting as a participant.

Solution: If you are logged in as a guest, exit the meeting and log in as a profile user. If you are designated as a presenter for the meeting, you may need to log in with your user profile account to receive the proper permissions. If after logging in as a profile user you still do not have Presenter permissions, contact the meeting moderator or the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace administrator.

Users Cannot See My Actions

Problem: Participants are not seeing my actions in the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace web meeting.

Solution: Check the participant list to make sure that you are a presenter. Presenters are listed with a presenter icon (person in front of a presentation board) at the beginning of each name. Also make sure you are not in Preparing mode, because actions are not visible to participants in this mode. Send a message to the host asking for presenter status or try logging in as a registered user.

Be aware that participant requests may not be seen by the presenter. Moderator and presenters should pay attention to the status and menu bars, and choose to accept sign-in requests.

Unstable Web Meeting Room

Problem: My Cisco Unified MeetingPlace web meeting room is breaking up or redrawing very slowly, or does not stay connected.

Solution: Try the following solutions:

  • Make sure that you are not using any other applications or processes that are network-intensive. For example, do not download video files from the Internet while you are attending a meeting.
  • Click Help > Connection Status to verify that your connection is adequate. If not, try choosing a lower bandwidth.
  • If you are attending through a modem connection, make sure that you are not doing any other activity that uses the available modem bandwidth.
  • If you continue to experience network connection problems, ask a meeting moderator to reduce the speed of the web meeting room connection.

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Screen Objects Missing

Problem: Buttons and options are missing from my view of the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace web meeting room.

Solution: You might not have the permission level that you expect to have. Users with Audience or Presenter permissions have fewer privileges in the web meeting room than those with Moderator permissions. You can send a message to a moderator, or ask in the meeting, to request a different permission level.

Volume Controls Are Disabled

Problem: The option to mute a participant is dimmed in the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace participant list.


  • If the participant has not already joined using the telephone, audio options are not available when the name of that participant is selected.
  • If the participant has joined the web and voice meetings separately, the participant will be listed twice unless a moderator has merged the instances. The audio controls will be dimmed if you select the instance that has joined the web meeting. To modify audio options, first merge the two instances, or select the instance that has joined the voice meeting.
  • If you have selected multiple participants in the list, if any of the selected participants displays in the list as a web-only participant, deselect that entry in the list.

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Participant Listed Twice

Problem: A participant displays twice in the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace participant list.

Possible Cause: This can be caused by one of the following:

  • A participant has dialed in to join the meeting instead of having the system dial out to him.
  • A guest user has dialed in to the meeting, been renamed in the participant list, then left the meeting. If the guest dials in again, the person enters as a separate entity.
  • A participant has entered the audio/video and web meetings separately, entering one instance as a profiled user (by logging in), and the other as a guest (without logging in). Or the participant has entered both instances as a guest.

Solution: If you have Moderator permissions, merge the two entries that are known to be the same participant.

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Cannot Install Cisco Unified Presenter Add-in

Problem: I get an error when I try to download the Cisco Unified Presenter Add-in from inside the web meeting room.

Possible Cause: You might lack the appropriate permissions to install an application on a local hard drive or some antivirus software is preventing the installation of an executable file on a local hard drive.

Solution: Contact your system administrator to assist you with your permissions or antivirus software configuration.

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