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Cannot See the Find Link

Problem: After entering the URL for my Cisco Unified MeetingPlace server, I see the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace home page but a number of links, including Schedule and Find, are missing.

Possible Cause: It is possible that your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace system is configured for both internal (on the company network) and external (Internet) access and that you have accessed the URL for external access.

Solution: Check the URL you entered and make sure that it is directed to go to the internal system. This might require you to contact the meeting scheduler or system administrator.

My Meetings Option is Unavailable

Problem: I want to find my meetings, but the My Meetings option does not appear on the Find Meeting page.

Solution: Make sure that you are logged in with your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace user ID and password.

Cannot Find a Meeting

Problem: I cannot find a meeting I just scheduled.

Solution: Try refreshing the page to make sure you are viewing the most current data.

Cannot Find the Recording for a Meeting

Problem: I am entering the meeting ID for a meeting I attended so that I can access the recording, but the system is giving me the following error message: Error:[5164] No Mtg was found with the specified Mtg ID.

Possible Cause: You are trying to access a meeting that took place over 24 hours ago on an external web server.

Solution: Sign in to the internal web server and search for the same meeting. The meeting should appear as a Past meeting and the recording should be available as part of the meeting.

Meeting is Missing

Problem: The meeting I am looking for does not appear on the list, but I expect the meeting to be there.

Solution: Try the following solutions:

  • The list of meetings might be too long to fit on one screen. Click the links at the bottom to see more meetings in the list.
  • Make sure you have selected the correct radio button for the meeting - Past - Today's - Future.
  • Check the date range of your search. Be sure you entered the year using four digits.
  • The meeting you are searching for might not be a published meeting.

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