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Expelled Participant Still Appears in Participant List

Problem: The meeting host expelled a participant from the meeting. The name of the expelled participant is still displayed in the Participant list.

Possible Cause: The participant entered the meeting from a Macintosh system and did not click OK in the pop-up window that informed him that he was being expelled from the meeting.

Solution: Do nothing. Even if the name of the participant remains in the Participant list, the participant is no longer part of the meeting.

Error Message: A WebEx Meeting is Already in Progress

Error Message: A WebEx meeting is already in progress. You must use another browser to start a second meeting.

Explanation: You are attempting to schedule or attend a second Cisco WebEx meeting from the same computer. This occurs whether you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Recommended Action: Use a separate browser to start the second meeting.

Problem: I have the Cisco Unified MeetingPlace home page open. When I open another window in the same browser to schedule or attend a second meeting, I receive an error message prompting me to use another browser.

Possible Cause: You are using Firefox. All Firefox windows share the same process.

Solution: Open a window in Internet Explorer and schedule or attend your second meeting from there.

User Cannot Dial Out from the Cisco WebEx Meeting Room

Problem: I cannot dial out from the Cisco WebEx meeting room as a host, but can dial out as a guest.

Solution: Your Cisco WebEx system administrator will need to make sure that the following is checked in your Cisco WebEx account:

  • Call-in teleconferencing
  • Call-back teleconferencing
  • Global call-back teleconferencing
  • Other teleconference service

Also, make sure that your Cisco Unified MeetingPlace profile setting allows outdial.

Extra Meeting Notifications

Problem: After scheduling my meeting, I receive extra email notifications from Cisco WebEx. This occurs when I try to attend the meeting on Cisco WebEx.

Solution: Your system administrator must do the following in the Cisco WebEx Site Administration interface, on the Site Setting page: Set meeting email reminders to Off.

Error Message: Error Scheduling Meeting

Problem: I receive the following message when I try to join a meeting: "Error scheduling meeting".

Solution: Your system administrator must do the following in the Cisco WebEx Site Administration interface, on the Site Setting page:

  • Make sure that the setting for "All meetings must have a password" matches the equivalent setting in Cisco Unified MeetingPlace.
  • Uncheck Require strict passwords for meetings.

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