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Note: As of April 2006, all SSL certificates issued by VeriSign require the installation of an intermediate Certificate Authority (CA) certificate. The SSL certificates are signed by an intermediate CA using a two-tier hierarchy (also known as trust chain) which enhances the security of SSL certificates.

For more information, go to:

  1. Follow the steps in Downloading the Updated VeriSign Intermediate CA.
    In that procedure, you copied the contents of the intermediate CA certificate into a file called newintermediate.cer.
  2. Follow the steps in Applying the SSL Certificate.
  3. When prompted to copy the certificate, copy the text from file called newintermediate.cer.
  4. Add the intermediate certificate provided by your certificate authority provider to the SSL certificate PEM files.

Note: When pasting these two certificates within the same PEM file, the order of these certificates matters. The signed server certificate has to be pasted first and then the intermediate certificate should be pasted below the signed server certificate. Be careful when pasting these certificates into the file as extra spaces or dashes can cause problems with the certificate file. Once you make the changes, restart Flash Communication services and the Breeze Application service.

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